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Last updated on 1 May 2023:


9.73 out of 10

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Below you can read what some of my previous career consulting clients have said about me and my services.



I worked with Subash to secure his first job after completing his MSc. After unsuccessful job hunting, we changed our strategy and focused on internships. This strategy was successful and resulted in a job offer.

"SSøren has been extraordinarily patient, diligently honest, and an outstanding professional throughout my job hunt. He provided me with tools to cope with the demands of the current job market. I will always be grateful for our one-to-one sparring and his intriguing questions, which were instrumental in opening new doors."

June 2023



I helped Bashkim transition from a role in global safety at LEO Pharma to a (to Bashkim) more exciting role as a clinical supply coordinator at Novo Nordisk.

"Søren has been a good coach regarding how to handle one's job interviews and has a large network he can draw upon. I am only happy that I have had Søren as my life science coach, as I have learned a lot."

April 2023


Assistant Professor I helped to a purchase and logistics position within medical devices - a new adventure that aligns with the persons' interests in being nerdy about equipment and close collaboration with colleagues.

"Hi Søren, I would like to once again thank you for your help in switching my career from academia to the "real world". What I found very useful was you using the TT38 talent test to translate my skills into biomedical jobs. This helped me direct my job search towards specific jobs that I had both skills to do, and would also find fun. Biomedical/pharmaceutical job titles and what they mean was a piece of information that I had been missing for many years, and I wish I had found out sooner. This is truly a huge gap that I experienced between academia and industry, and I wish we were able to reduce it in the future. I also received very useful and helpful feedback on my CV, cover letter and parts of Linked In profile. From your feedback I learned to structure my applications in a new way, and to highlight the more unique parts of my profile. And last, but absolutely not least, your network. Being able to be introduced and have productive conversations with relevant people from your network was the most important part of the process. It was inspirational, productive and motivating.


I hope one day I am able to repay the favour 😊"

February 2023


Post doc with nano / biotechnology background I helped into Clinical Research Associate with a strong focus on some favorite tasks within teaching and communication.

"Søren provided guidance, clarity and tools to understand which professional roles are more suitable for my skills and personality. Getting to know the type of tasks that energize me the most was very helpful and insightful. I also felt much more motivated and confident having his support throughout the different stages of the selection process. He is a flexible person, approachable and very easy to work with."

January 2023



Post doc with molecular biology background I helped into her first job in Denmark after a longer career gap.

"I wish I had met Søren earlier! He is the best mentor that you could have, specially during job hunting which is a tough journey for most of us as expats even with an "attractive" profile. When I started my collaboration with Søren, I had a career break for almost 1.5 years, was a busy first-time mom who doesn't know what she is doing and had literally no network in Denmark. And I wanted a transition from academia to industry. Søren never told me but I know I was a difficult client for him. As a fact we know that we need to tailor our CV and cover letter for almost every job application we sent out. But, do we really know how? I realised that I was not really tailoring my applications until Søren taught me how to. In fact, Søren is very smart and knows what he is doing. He is so kind and patient. It really helped me to bring back my motivation when he gives me a phone call after every rejection. I cannot thank him enough and I recommend his services to anybody with out any hesitation."

December 2022



Post doc with physics background I helped into a flexible job that fit her values and interests.

"Søren is so free to talk, understanding and helpful. He motivates people and encourage them to achieve their goals. His help was really appreciated even if I was seeking jobs within physics - outside his area of expertise."

September 2022



Post doc who I helped into a senior position that seems to be her dream job.

"I already recommended you before landing my job. The insight and knowledge about my own talents are invaluable. Your network and outreach is priceless. I can only recommend you to anyone wanting a new career, but also to people who just want to know their own strengths and blind spots."

July 2022


PhD who I helped secure a job in Novo Nordisk only 1,5 months after receiving a laid off notification

"I can highly recommend Søren's services when you are considering a new job; He really commits to the task and it is clear that he truly wants you to be happy and satisfied with the outcome. He has an ability to ask open questions, that makes you think about your priorities and choices, that cannot be overrated."

May 2022


Life science talent offered several jobs and landed that dream job

"Søren is invested in you and your success. He is the best sparring partner one could wish for! He is prudent with time, but he also adapted to my crazy schedules (when interviews came pouring) to help me with mock interviews and negotiation preparation. I found the personality test amazing. The test is an app, so you can choose your top 3-5 strengths and weaknesses to align with your interview storylines. I appreciate he walked me through the results, and we had a candid conversation about how to make them work for me while applying and interviewing. Moreover, he also helped me reflect on multiple offers to choose the one that best fit my career vision. I am very grateful I met Søren and signed up for the Life Science Talent Solutions. I urge anybody interested in a life science career to reach out to him and improve their chances of landing that dream role."

April 2022



Previously PhD in microbiology in-between jobs, now: Starting a full time position 1 April.

"My friend recommended Søren when I was planning to start looking for job after maternity leave. I expected it would be really hard after being on maternity leave and having no prior work experience in Copenhagen. I had an idea in my head that a career coach would be very pushy and perhaps not trying to get to know me. However, Søren proved the opposite. He is a very caring and attentive person, he wants to truly understand and know the person he is working with, to end up with the best career match possible. Going through the process of job searching was fun thanks to his enthusiasm and strategic thinking. I got to know my best talents and learned how to use and highlight them which was very important for my self growth. Søren was extremely helpful at growing my own professional network, he also gave me advice on how to settle in Copenhagen from a personal life point of view. He was also very respectful of my life situation and patient about all the changes that happened on the way. Søren was a real coach and a friend in my career search and I am already recommending him to the friends who want to change their professional path."

March 2022



Previously in-between jobs, now: Postdoc at Aarhus University, Department of Environmental Science

"When I met Søren I was tired, discouraged and unmotivated. I only needed to talk to Søren one afternoon to feel the flame of motivation and determination inside me again. And thanks to this and his important advice, I immediately found a job. And not just a job, but a position tailored with my personality and my skills."

March 2022



Founder & Managing Partner at Capital Systems ApS

"Søren has a natural talent (and passion) for people development. Would highly recommend him, and the tools he uses, for both managers as well as those planning their careers."

March 2022


MSc preparing for the first job interview.

"Søren helped med prepare for my interview and came with great insights and tips. It was extremely valuable for me to sit down and talk to Søren as he has a lot of experience and his passion for helping others was super clear for me from the first chat we had. If any of my friends from university are considering a LifeScience career in Denmark I will connect them with Søren."

February 2022


Internation PhD in pharmaceutical sciences finding the first job in Denmark after a 4 year career gap.

"Søren is helpful, motivating, supportive, his approach is unique to finding out the best set of skills in an individual. I really enjoyed my job hunting experience with him."

January 2022

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