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Descriptions of the 34 talents in the FirstMind Talent Discovery Framework


You live in the present and always go 100% into what is happening here and now. Your future is not planned but is to be

discovered. Unexpected events and sudden requests don't trouble you. You are instead fascinated by the change and are driven by trying new things. You will often excel in a position as a fire extinguisher because you receive energy from jumping from task to task.

Strength: Your talent gives you the ability to thrive in chaotic environments and quickly change direction if needed. You are difficult to surprise because you expect unforeseen events to arise and enjoy adapting fast.

Challenge: You may experience having too many tasks at hand, and therefore not completing the first before moving on to the next. Your attention will typically be directed towards what is most interesting or exciting, while you will lose focus if you stay at one task for too long. This desire for change could result in a lot of half-finished tasks.


Insight: Create a plan of what you need to achieve each day; this will help keep you on track. Evaluate by the end of the day what you completed, to see if you changed direction to something that was not on your list, and find out the reason for it if you did so.


Your talent makes you value knowledge, information, and sufficient data before making a decision. It is your basis for thoroughness and precision. It also makes you critical, challenging, and demanding of evidence towards other people's decisions. You are driven by things that are or can be thoroughly analyzed and well worked out.


Strength: You discover patterns and how things connect. You get energy from understanding how these affect each other. You are good at familiarizing yourself with figures and enjoy doing preliminary analysis. This desire to analyse also makes you likely to discover areas that have not been validated yet.


Challenge: You are slow at getting started and taking action because you want the analysis and data to be in place. You may be too rigorous and tend to overanalyze decisions. Your tendency to challenge decisions can stop progress for you and your team.


Insight: Consult others about when your analysis is thorough enough to ensure you also take action. Remember that other people don't necessarily think as analytical as you and can form conclusions through other methods.


You are careful and vigilant because you know the world is unpredictable and not in order. You sense risks and weigh the relative impact before you take any action. The assessing talent gives you a serious and considerate approach to life.


Strength: You can spot pitfalls in plans and identify and assess possible risks in the future. This ability makes you good at avoiding or solving issues before they arrive. You dare to be critical and point out errors that can prevent problems down the line.


Challenge: Your serious approach and your focus on what can go wrong will often make you perceived as negative or pessimistic. You are often too careful with decisions because you see what will go wrong instead of potential possibilities. You don't give praise or much recognition to colleagues because you tend to focus on the errors and pitfalls.


Insight: Force yourself to praise people in your team and work on understanding their positive sides. Consult for others' opinions on the risks you see, to ensure they don't paralyze you. Bring more value in your feedback to others by communicating the opportunities for avoiding potential issues or find solutions instead of only presenting the problems.


You enjoy the challenge of meeting new people, getting them to like you, and winning them over. You thrive in a social setting and derive energy from making new connections. In your world, strangers don't exist; only friends you have not encountered yet.


Strength: You are good at creating new connections and charming them to like you. You have the ability to meet people at their eye level and establish a good dialogue. These attributes also make you very convincing and incline you to build a great network.


Challenge: Your eagerness to quickly get to know people and win them over can seem superficial or manipulative to many people.


Insight: Put yourself in a position where you can build an extensive network. Maintain your network and use it well; this will bring you much energy. Give yourself a small moment to think your arguments through before starting a conversation to win somebody over.


The communicating talent makes you driven by capturing people's attention by speaking, hosting, explaining, and/or writing. You are most likely very good at it, and your language is filled with images, examples, and metaphors that can capture attention. You have an urge to bring stories or ideas to life by making them exciting and giving them energy.


Strength: You can turn complicated matters into comprehensible messages and capture people's attention by finding the essence in things, putting it into context, and delivering it with dramatic and powerful words and sentences.


Challenge: You are challenged by silence, and you are not good at being quiet when nobody is saying anything. You hunt for others' attention, making it difficult to accept that you are not being heard.


Insight: Identify whether your communicating strength lies with speaking or writing, and then leverage it. Your passion for conversation can be overwhelming for some individuals - Try to stop and listen to the other person; this could help you with how you should be communicating.


You are driven by winning. You enjoy competing and comparing your performance to others, as it is the only way to determine if you are ahead. The effort you put in, your intentions, and reaching the goal doesn't matter unless you outperform your peers.


Strength: Most of the time, you will be a high performer because you are determined, working hard, and are willing to invest much energy to win. This ruthless drive results in you setting high standards, having the perseverance to overcome challenges, and always pushing the bar for yourself and your team.


Challenge: You are challenged in an environment where everybody has to be equal because, in that situation, you're not able to stand out. Furthermore, your urge to compete may be damaging in a team setting, as you can have a tendency to view teammates as opponents, and belittling their results or criticize their ideas to ensure you look like the winner.


Insight: Be sure that you don't enforce unhealthy competition within the team, as it will be damaging for the organization. Utilize your competitive talent by reinforcing positive competition, where the focus is pushing each other to go further instead of focusing on who is the loser.


The connecting talent describes your attitude towards relationships. You prefer having close friends and like to get to know people on a deeper level as everything else seems superficial to you. You dare to give from your inner self to build your connection and make it easier for them to open up.


Strength: You are great at creating friendships with almost everyone and are comfortable getting close and understanding them. You are easy to trust, and others feel comfortable in your presence.


Challenge: You can have a difficult time “cutting through” and being hard on others as you fear it may damage your relationship. Your willingness to open yourself up to others makes it easy to exploit. Your desire to connect with people could end up being exhausting as you tend to run from one social gathering to the next.


Insight: Prioritize your social relationships to keep an overview of which you should please and which you should consider cutting out. This allows you to gather your energy again.


You are driven by being right, taking charge, and having others follow you. Once you have formed an opinion or goal, you are compelled to get people to agree with it and to start pushing them in your direction. You are not hesitant in regards to confrontations as they are mostly in your advantage. After all, the confrontation is the first step towards a resolution.


Strength: You know what you want and are not afraid to put yourself out there to get it. You can be a strong leader as you are good at influencing others, make them follow you, and help them to make quick and effective decisions. People are drawn towards your confidence and persistence.


Challenge: You can be perceived as intimidating and manipulative by always engaging in confrontations and forcing your opinion on people. This direct part of your personality can lead you to persuade others to make poor and unconsidered decisions. You can tend to manage people you shouldn't, and you have a hard time being reluctant.


Insight: Remember that not everyone is as direct as you are. When dealing with more sensitive or less direct people, remind them that your relationship remains the same even though you disagree. Consult and get feedback from others outside your group/team to ensure your conclusions are correct and that you are leading in the right direction.


You have great faith in your abilities, judgments, and decisions. You know that you are good and you know what is best for you. Others may guide and suggest, but you alone have the authority to form conclusions and act.


Strength: Your confidence makes you very self-reliant and gives you self-belief. You are sure your decision is right and that you can solve these problems. This confidence makes you comfortable with taking risks, because when you are convinced you don't see the risk.


Challenge: You are not open to opinions or interpretations, and you can be difficult to convince of other truths than your own. You can have a hard time aligning with others' decisions and accepting that your opinion is unimportant.


Insight: Consult others for feedback and force yourself to think of their feedback through. Learn to understand that others' talents can contribute just as much as your own and bring to exciting perspectives to the table.


You go to the past to look for answers or connections that can explain the present or the future. You need to understand the history behind how things or situations emerged to have confidence in your decisions.


Strength: You can find underlying structures and patterns. When you get the time to study and assess what has happened before, you can not only make educated and logical decisions but also communicate and explain the connections and coherence to others that would not have noticed it otherwise.


Challenge: If you don't get the time to understand the context and history, you get very cautious. You are challenged in new situations and will resist illogical change. You have a hard time working together with visionary and future-oriented people because of a misalignment in what time dimension you look for answers - While you will always to searching the past, visionary people tend to go to the future for answers.


Insight: Be aware that you need to understand the context before you can act and be explicit about it. If you are moving too fast, let your team know that you need a more thorough understanding before you can take responsibility. But also remember that it is your responsibility to deal with this need.


All you see is potential in people and progress. You are drawn to growth and are driven by helping others experience success. While interacting with people, you are on the lookout for signs of growth, as it is your fuel.


Strength: You are good at spotting unused potential, making you have great belief in others' abilities. You love helping people become better, which over time, will make many seek you out for advice and encouragement.


Challenge: You are challenged when others stand still. This need for growth in others will incline you to try to develop people who do not necessarily want your help. You can also end up focusing on development when it is not enough time for it or when you are not the right person to develop.


Insight: Always focus on how you propose your help to others and listen to the individual you want to help. It is important that the other person is open to your support and that it is the right time to do it.


Your world needs to be structured and ordered so that you are in control. Predictability makes you feel comfortable, so you set up routines and focus on-time schedules and deadlines. You master the detail and are impatient with errors.


Strength: Your attention to detail gives you the ability to deliver high-quality work. Others see you as very reliable as you value providing what is promised and always within the agreed time.


Challenge: Your need for structure in the world can set you off balance in chaotic or unpredictable environments. Your attention to detail can make you perfectionistic. If you haven't agreed on the expected standard for what you are delivering, you will tend to work too long on your task and deliver way over expectations. You can be challenged by others' way to get things done.


Insight: Don't clash with less detailed people because you will find their mistakes right away. Instead, focus on the synergies and help them with their details. Remember that others don't necessarily think the same way as you, so it is your responsibility if you want a task taken care of in a particular way.


You can sense the emotions of the people around you and are driven by understanding those people you interact with. You can see the world through their eyes, and without necessarily condoning their choices, you can understand them.


Strength: You have the instinctive ability to understand and anticipate others' needs, feelings, and desires. This ability makes you good at addressing sensitive and critical matters and help people find the right words and sentences to express their feelings.


Challenge: Your empathic talent makes you sometimes get too close to people. Because you have the ability to understand others, it may be difficult for you not to take responsibility for how they feel or not to act on their emotions.


Insight: Assess if you have the mental capacity to take responsibility for other people's emotions. It is okay to put yourself first and prioritize your well being. Be aware that your focus on others' feelings is not an escape path from your own.


You want to know a clear destination, to determine the direction you are headed and what is most important right now. If these things are outlined, you can focus on pursuing the goal and filter unimportant tasks and trivial disturbances away.


Strength: You are very passionate about what you focus on and have a high level of concentration. You are efficient, and you are always securing that you and your team are on the main path to reach your destination.


Challenge: You are impatient and find disturbances and unnecessary offsets frustrating. Your ability to intensely focus on a destination makes it challenging for you to chase multiple objectives of the same priority.


Insight: You can benefit a lot from indicating (e.g., with a post-it) that now is not the time to disturb you, and they should shoot you an e-mail so you can get back to them later. Also, try to time your work to control that you do not lose touch with your other tasks. Lastly, remember to finish one task at the time.


You always look into the future and ask “Wouldn’t it be great if…”. You see a detailed vision of what the future holds and are often very positive/optimistic. You are driven by the new and exciting.


Strength: Your ability to see possibilities in the future and create clear visions is very inspiring to you and others. You can create a clear destination, and by communicating it correctly, people will latch onto you and the hope you bring.


Challenge: You can face problems if the dreaminess of your visions takes over and limits your ability to act. You can have a difficult time being around people who mainly focus on the past or have a critical point of view.


Insight: Include your team in your visions, so they understand where you want to go. If they don't understand your vision, consider if you are too abstract. You can benefit from partnering up with other futuristic people as it gives you the energy of letting your dreams run loose. However, there are also many benefits to partnering up with concrete people that can help you execute your vision.


You are certain that everything happens for a reason, and we all are part of something bigger. You believe that all people are connected, which implies that we have specific responsibilities in this world. Your awareness of these responsibilities and how all things affect each other dictate your value system. Ordinarily, people with this talent are considerate, caring, and humble.


Strength: The holistic talent lets you see the bigger picture and consider perspectives not visible to others. This comprehensive overview gives you the ability to discover new and alternative contexts. You are also very responsible as your interconnectedness belief makes it difficult to do something to others that you won't have done to you.


Challenge: You are challenged by not having enough room to look at the whole picture or consider all the different parts of the system. You will sometimes lack grounding by considering contexts and perspectives that by no means could exist in reality.


Insight: Keep critical or realistic people in your life as they will give you the grounding you need when you get too far from reality. Also, spare with other holistic people to challenge each other's thoughts - this will bring you much energy.


You always strive for excellence and resent mediocrity. You are driven by taking something good and making it superb - whether it is your skills, others' abilities, solutions to tasks, or anything else. You prefer to work with other highly skilled people to capitalize on their strengths, and you are motivated to deliver the highest quality of work.


Strength: You have a critical but creative mind that always seeks out opportunities for improvements and has a desire to raise the bar or push it further. You love performing at your maximum, and your level of ambition can inspire others.


Challenge: You don't deal well with chaos as it hides what is good and doesn't focus on making anything superb. You tend to be restless and unsatisfied because your critical mind always looks for areas to improve. It can be challenging for you to find the first innovative idea as your creativity builds on existing work.


Insight: Understand that not everybody sees the same possibilities for improving as you do, which may be why they don't understand the need you feel. Create an overview or a backlog of all the ideas you have for improvement to assess what is most important.


You are fascinated by the differences in people and can notice the unique qualities of each individual. You can instinctively observe how each person is motivated, builds relationships, and thinks, thus their potential and opportunities for development.


Strength: You have the ability to identify each individual's strengths and potential. This ability makes you able to accommodate your behaviour to each person and excellent at spotting talent and uncovering potential. You can select and organize teams so everyone can contribute the most.


Challenge: You are not good at working in rigid and controlled environments where rules dictate people's behaviour. Your ability to vary your behaviour to each individual may be perceived as negative and untrustworthy.


Insight: Remember, many people expect fairness among individuals, so if you choose to treat everyone uniquely, you should be explicit about it. Another way for you to derive energy is to help write desired actions or goals down for others, as it will help you hold them accountable.


You include and welcome people to whatever you are doing and make them feel welcome. This way, everybody feels like part of the group, and the group benefits from all their support. You are sure that deep down, we are all alike, and therefore it doesn't make sense to judge or exclude other people.


Strength: You have the ability to make everyone feel welcome, and as they belong. You don't give anybody a special treatment and are good at keeping a positive team spirit.


Challenge: You have a difficult time (de)selecting people, and it can affect you if a person leaves the group - especially due to cut downs. You can lose focus on the objective due to valuing team spirit and relationships higher than the goal, and you most likely won't enjoy working in competitive environments.


Insight: Remind yourself who is relevant to include at what times throughout the process. It can quickly kill the effectiveness by bringing in too many opinions to the table too early. Don't take it personally, if somebody forgets to include you - Often it wasn't due to bad intentions.


You are driven by initiating and starting new tasks and projects. You want to get started as quickly as possible while you still have many things going on. You don't like to use too much time on analyzing as you know deep down that only action can lead to performance. Once a decision is made, you have to act. You believe that getting started is the best way to learn, because once you take action, you look at the result, and learn before your next move.


Strength: You are very good at taking action, and you enjoy putting yourself out there. It doesn't frighten you; it pleases you. You inspire others to follow and take action, as well. You ensure projects are up and running quickly, often resulting in a competitive advantage. You are very adaptable to change along the way.


Challenge: You may not have the patience to think decisions all the way through. You often neglect to analyze, debate and evaluate actions as it seems too slow, leading to wrong decisions that could have been avoided. You rarely finish a task and rely on someone to do it for you.


Insight: Understand that not everyone is as quick as you to get started; some need more input before taking action. Try to seek advice from people with experience or intellectual talents so that you can avoid your challenges.


Your mind is made to create ideas, to look for connections, and to view the world from different angles and perspectives. You are driven by finding a fresh perspective, discovering a new opportunity, or finding a different solution. You are generally perceived as creative or original thinking.


Strength: Ideas come to you with ease, which gives you the ability to feed your team with ideas or solutions to problems continually. You will often be the focal point of the team because it is likely built around your idea.


Challenge: You will be challenged by limiting your focus to one objective as your mind keep feeding you with new ideas to pursue. You may have to partner up with a person who can talk through your ideas and sort the best ideas out.


Insight: Find a system that stores all your good ideas so they can be used when it is time. The best result comes from you taking responsibility for the ideas you get. You will quickly get bored, so make some small changes to your work.


You value balance and fairness and often fight injustice, inequality, illegality, and selfishness. You are very conscious of how people are treated and how you treat people. You expect others to behave in the same way.


Strength: You can create an environment with balance, where justice prevails, and where everyone has a fair chance. You stand up for people that are mistreated or can't stand up for themselves, and you are good at doing things "the right way".


Challenge: You are challenged when things are unfair. Your morals are often a lot higher than the ones around you, which can be difficult as you expect people to have the same view on the world as yourself. This sense of fairness can incline you to become everybody's judge and create rigid systems.


Insight: Before acting as a judge of the situation, always take a step back and consider if you are the right person to judge. Remember, not everyone thinks as much about fairness as you do, and the situation may not be as big of a deal as you might think.


You love to learn, and the process of obtaining new knowledge, practising what you have learned, growing it into competences, and gaining the confidence in your skill excites you. The outcome or the subject is not necessarily important, but the process is.


Strength: You are a natural learner and always strive to educate yourself or develop new skills. You have an intense curiosity and are always willing to try something new. You build a broad knowledge base that your colleagues can leverage and gain value from utilising.


Challenge: You can be too focused on the learning process, thus not focusing on the goal you want to achieve with the knowledge. You need time to learn and may expect that learning is always the highest priority.


Insight: Understand that your restlessness and drive comes from your need to acquire knowledge and skills. Remember, always keep the objective in mind to ensure you are learning the right things and do not go too deep into a particular subject. Take responsibility for satisfying your talent and don't expect others to do it.


You look for agreements and common grounds because there is little to be gained from conflicts and friction, so you prefer keeping them to a minimum. You find it much more essential to create harmony and cooperation.


Strength: You create consensus and peace where there is war or controversy. You think about the team before you think about yourself and have an easy time finding a compromise that can create harmony.


Challenge: You have a difficult time around conflicts and confrontations, and you tend to modify your own opinion for the service of harmony willingly. You can have a hard time making uncomfortable decisions or being direct in interactions with others.


Insight: Play the devil's advocate with yourself - If you do not settle this discussion or avoid this confrontation, will this be better for the harmony in the team? When people are arguing, use your talent to draw more people from your team into the discussion - it is easier to reach consensus when more opinions/options are available.


You are an expert in coordinating people and information. Be able to manage complex assignments and finding perfect configurations motivate you. You are driven by responsibility and being allowed to lead and delegate tasks between team members. You work efficiently, flexibly, and can adjust to solve the assignment in the most effective way.


Strength: Your talent makes you good at managing projects. It lets you focus and take action on many tasks at once, and that ensures you always have an overview. It gives you the ability to resolve the confusion by devising new options and finding new paths.


Challenge: You are challenged by not being the leader, and you will try to control things that you are not responsible for managing. You are not easy to lead because you are sure that the solutions you see are better and will, therefore, be mods essential to implement or take action on.


Insight: You have the overview, so be sure to use it. If you are not in charge, offer your insights as a gesture instead of forcing it through - the person in charge may have some information that you do not have.


You are optimistic as you can always see the positive side of things and expect the best. You enjoy making other people smile through humour, praise, or whatever is needed.


Strength: You have the ability to create a pleasant and positive atmosphere around you. You are seldom held back by limiting beliefs and are good at making challenges seem easy to overcome. Your positivity is contagious, and it draws people to you.


Challenge: Your ever positive attitude can make you a bit naive and not take important issues seriously enough. You might clash with critical people as you find them draining of energy, and they will find you somewhat superficial and airy-fairy.


Insight: Find the way you can bring the most positivity and energy into your team, as this will bring you much energy. Don't pretend that difficulties don't concern you or downplay issues; other people can get a sense of your optimism being naivety.


You possess a set of core and consistent values, which affect your behaviour and determines your direction in life. These values give your life meaning and dictates what is right or wrong. Since you are value-driven, your work has to be meaningful to you. It is widespread for principled people to be family-oriented, spiritual, and value high ethics, in themselves and others.


Strength: Your consistent values and high ethics make you very credible, dependable, and easy to trust - People know that you will deliver what you have promised. You are very confident and passionate about the things you do, and you work hard for what you believe in. Once you have accepted a set of values or a mission, you will do anything to enforce it.


Challenge: You will become resistant if you don't agree with the value set that a person or company possesses. Likewise, you will also find people superficial if they value money or power.


Insight: Learn to accept other peoples’ or companies’ values even though you don’t agree with them. Accept that there exist numerous perspectives on the world and try not to take the disagreement personal.

Problem Solver

You love solving problems. You retrieve your energy from getting the opportunity to fix breakdowns or issues because you find them fun and challenging. In which domain you are able to solve problems, depend on your other talents.


Strength: You quickly gain an overview of how things work and, therefore, always seem to find a solution. You have a tremendous operational mind that can make things work and succeed.


Challenge: You depend on other talents to ensure an optimal solution, or you may need a quality controller to stop you from making quick fixes you need to solve again later. You quickly get mixed into others' problems, wanting to resolve them.


Insight: Before jumping straight to a solution, assess two things: 1) is now the right time to solve this problem, and 2) is my solution an optimal solution that solves the problem long term. This process forces you to solve the most critical issues first and to find a sustaining solution.


You are very curious and love the process of collecting information and knowledge - and you are good at it. You are driven to understand things, and the more diverse the topics are, the better.


Strength: You are good at finding knowledge, collecting the right information, and storing it. Your curiosity for knowledge makes learning new facts or skills so interesting and motivating.


Challenge: You expect to have the time to do your research and are often challenged if you don’t get to the bottom. Your curiosity might make you keep researching because you feel like you are missing some information.


Insight: Give yourself a time limit for how long you should research and learn to accept that not all knowledge regarding a subject is necessary to act.


You take psychological ownership for every task that is expected of you, and you feel emotionally bound to follow through to completion - Excuses are unacceptable. You have high standards, so you always deliver at least what is expected, and you get things done.


Strength: You have a high work ethic and are willing to do anything to deliver what you have promised. You are very dependable and are driven to take on responsibility.


Challenge: Your willingness to volunteer may lead you to take too much on your plate at once. This willingness can force you to work too hard to get everything done, or you will end up not delivering what you have promised. Your high standards can make you spend too much time on a single assignment if you don't align expectations from the beginning.


Insight: Always consider if it is the responsible thing to do towards you and your employer to take more responsibility on your shoulders. By being responsible for too many tasks can exhaust you mentally and physically.


You want you and your work to be significant, to stand out, and to be recognized. You are driven to be known and appreciated for the unique strengths you bring. The same for the people around you - You want to be associated with admired, professional, and successful people. If the people are not one of these, you will push them to achieve until they are.


Strength: You find a way to be the centre of attention. You also have an easy time finding the "right" people because you instinctively have a feeling of the power structure in groups. Your desire for acknowledgement pulls you away from average and drives you to chase success.


Challenge: You are challenged by tasks that don't produce visible results, and when you are no people around to recognize your talent or performance. You can be too focused on being noticed and "showing off", rather than on solving the task as optimal and efficient as possible.


Insight: Make a list with your dreams and goals and share them with colleagues, friends, or family, and make them hold you accountable. This action will bring you recognition and make you reach further.


You have a distinct way of thinking, and you always look at things from a strategic point of view. This perspective allows you to see patterns, play out scenarios, predict potential obstacles, and draw out the best plan to get to your destination.


Strength: You are very good at making contingency plans, playing out multiple scenarios in your head, and asking yourself "what if.." and "then we could.." to find the best alternative. This also makes you a good advisor. You are good at the political "game" because you see the different paths and how they lead to different outcomes.


Challenge: Your biggest challenge is becoming so political that you end up undermining others and forgetting the objective. You desire to think scenarios through and build plans can stop you from acting, so you become the ever drawing-board.


Insight: You will see repercussions more clearly than others, so be sure not to belittle other people's suggestions because you see something they do not see. Contribute with advice, and instead of only pointing out the obstacles, match them with solutions.


You are always in the pursuit of achieving or accomplishing goals. You work hard and get things done. Your talent explains your drive, and it pushes you to do more and to achieve more. By being targeted, you focus on the goal and what is essential to achieve. Once you meet your goal, you quickly set up the next objective to pursue.


Strength: Your talent fills you with the energy needed for working long hours without burning out. It is the trait you always can rely on to get you started with new tasks, objectives, and challenges. It is your power supply that sets the pace and defines the level of productivity for you individually and in your workgroup.


Challenge: You need to achieve something every day, or you will start feeling a sense of dissatisfaction or discontent. No matter how restless you feel, you sometimes deserve a day off. Others may feel pushed aside or even stepped on with your relentlessness to reach your goals.


Insight: Be sure to align objectives with your manager, partner, or team to ensure you accomplish priority goals and do not diverge towards other tasks due to your restlessness for achieving something. Accept your restlessness by understanding your targeted talent and remember to celebrate your victories before moving onto the next goal.


You are a true intellect. You like to reflect and enjoy mental activity. You enjoy the process of thinking things through a second time, solving complex problems, developing ideas, or understanding other people's feelings (which of them exactly depends on your other primary talents).


Strength: Your ability to think things through thoroughly lets you come up with well thought out details and above-average ideas or solutions. You support yourself by posing questions to yourself and trying out different solutions until you find the best.


Challenge: You become insecure when you have to make a quick decision, and you likely don't handle stress too well. Your desire to think things through may hold you back from taking action as you are challenged when things are not well-thought-out and move too quickly.


Insight: If you are put on the spot, remember that it is okay to say “I haven’t considered it yet, can I get back to you?”. Force yourself to take action within a given time frame to limit yourself from staying in your head.

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