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Claim your free, research-based and comprehensive personality test from  

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Why take a talent discovery test?


Self-awareness and learning more about your strengths and motivation is critical to: 


✅ Make better career choices.

✅ Understand your collaboration style to work better with others.

✅ Understand your leadership style to become a better leader.

Learn how you can improve job satisfaction and job performance.

Learn more about the FirstMind talent discovery test and the research behind further below on this page.

The test results can help you:

Understand why you like some tasks better than other

Increase self-awareness 

Learn when you are at your best

Identify where your biggest potential is


Fill out the registration form on this page and get the test.


Complete the test and get your results by mail


Learn about your top 12 strengths as well as tips for

✅ How you can use each strength

😬 Typical challenges relating each strength

🤔 Useful learnings and tips realting to each strength

About the talent discovery test from

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The science behind FirstMind talent discovery builds on 25 years of psychological and neurological research, which includes 43 cognitive studies, 9 behavioural studies, and 1.2 million people.

Very nuanced talent discovery test

These studies show that the human personality can be categorised into 34 universal talents.


Each person is unique

Each person has a unique combination of talents that determines what behaviour is most natural to them, what they can become great at, and which tasks they love doing.

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