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My personal mission is to boldly pursue my passions, utilize my talents fully, and to teach, encourage, and inspire others to do the same, resulting in lives overflowing with joy, peace, and fulfilment.

This mission has led to the foundation of Life Science Talent Solutions, where I help people identify and pursue careers which allow their unique personality and talents to fully develop and shine.

Søren Spanner Bach

Founder, Life Science Talent Solutions

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As a Life Science Career Match-Maker I help skilled life science specialists, generalists and leaders achieve high performance and job satisfaction.

Maybe you have low job satisfaction, but you might not feel it’s appropriate to involve your manager.

Maybe you are seeking new challenges, but you lack insights into what motivates / drains you or which positions you might thrive in. 

Maybe you are in-between jobs looking to take your next career move?

How I generate value:

🔥I help you pursue a career which is right for you, considering your unique talents, personality and motivations.

🔥I help you get more clarity on what your interest, passions, values, strengths and weaknesses are. I help you translate these insights into concrete career goals that you can focus your energy on.

🔥I support your personal branding on LinkedIn - a critical element in your journey towards your career goal.

🔥I help you by introducing you to relevant people from my own network and help you expand your own network.

Relevant for specialists, professionals, generalists and leaders, MSc, PhD students as well as post docs and who seeks career clarification and inspiration. 


I help organization solve your talent bottlenecks by attracting, hiring, developing and retaining the right people.

Maybe you are struggling to attract relevant candidates now or foresee business critical talent bottlenecks in the future?

Maybe you need robust tools and processes to increase your hiring success rate (and to avoid mis-hires)?

Maybe you need tools to build high performance teams?

Maybe you need leadership tools to increase performance and job satisfaction in your organization?

How I generate value:

I help you limit talent bottlenecks by making sure your organization is top-of-mind for the right talents. I do this by helping you establish a professional relationship with in-demand talents.

I help you set up more robust recruiting processes using evidence based tools and test that help you predict how a candidate match the job, the team culture and the closest leader.

I help teams uncover and leverage each others' talents and thereby improve team collaboration.

I help you to lead better through tools that helps you match tasks and talents better and which has a positive impact on both performance and job satisfaction.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to me, Søren Spanner Bach, in case you have questions:

+45 93 84 44 07

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